The term Creative Presentation is used to describe sweepstakes that have multiple entry points for the same prize. An example of a Creative Presentation is Meredith magazines. They will have a sweepstakes entry point at each of their magazine sites. Better Homes & Gardens, Martha Stewart, Shape, Eating Well, etc.

It may look like each magazine is giving away a prize but there is only one prize. Often the sweepstakes will look different and may even have a different name to fit their target audience.

To find all entry points for a given sweepstakes look in the rules. The sponsor usually lists all sites where you can enter for the prize.

How are the winners chosen? There are two ways that winners are chosen in a Creative Presentation. The first way is all entries from all sites are pooled together and a winner is chosen. The second way is one entry point site is selected and the winner is drawn from those that entered at that site. It is a good idea to read the rules to see if the sponsor explains how winner selection will be done. If the rules do not say how winners will be chosen or if it says winners will be chosen from one site, then you should enter at all sites in the Creative Presentation to make sure you have an entry into the prize pool.

Creative Presentations have lower odds of winning because of the many entries received from the various entry points. However, many Creative Presentations have large prizes because all sites share in the cost of providing the prize.

If you do not want to enter Creative Presentations, you can hide them by going to Settings then look for Creative Presentations and choose Always Hide. If you want to enter some Creative Presentations but hide others, then you can choose to hide by domain. To do this mouse over the name of the sweepstakes and a block link will appear.

If you choose to enter Creative Presentations, you may want to have a Collection for them. That way they are all in one place and you can enter them when you have time or skip a day when you are busy. To learn about Collections, see the article Advanced My Sweeps - Collections.

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