Is there a type of Sweep that you don't like seeing? Did you know that you can BLOCK those types of Sweeps from ever showing up in your list of Sweeps? This is better than blocking domains. You can block entire segments of Sweeps. 

One of the biggest complaints that I received in the survey was that people wanted to be able to block small prize Sweeps. This is very easy to do. Here's how Sweeps Atlas makes it possible!

The submitters of the Sweeps add Tags to each of the Sweeps. The Tags describe the Sweep similar to a category. You can see the Tags in the middle of the Sweep record here:

tags on sweep records

You can click on the Tag in the list of Filters on the left. Review the list that comes up and verify that you don't want to see those type of Sweeps. Then head to Settings. 

Settings link in the menu

In Settings you will find a list of all of the Tags that are available. The first time you visit you will see that all of the Tags are marked as "Show Normally".  Find the Tag that you don't want to see, click the dropdown and select "Always Hide". 

visibility settings for tags

The list of Tags is long and varied to ensure that we cover all of the bases. If there is a type of Sweep that doesn't interest you, you should be able to block those here. 

Sweeps Atlas goal is to make your time sweeping the most efficient use of your time. We want the process of sweeping to be more enjoyable and less stressful. If you aren't using the Tag Blocking then you are missing out on one of the best features of Sweeps Atlas.

If you have any questions about how to use a feature, or think we are missing a feature, please email me! Also, check out the list of articles at the bottom of every page. There's some helpful tips down there too!

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